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Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Restore the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Hardwood floor looks stylish and sophisticated. It definitely adds value to your home and can increase its resale value. However, the flooring in your Sherman Oaks home requires care to maintain its gorgeous shine and luster.

With regular wear and tear, hardwood floor gets ground-in dirt as well as scuff marks. As a result, the mopping and vacuuming that you do will not get rid of these issues. What your flooring needs is professional hardwood floor cleaning. However, you cannot just choose any type of floor cleaning company. Today, off-the-shelf cleaning products are filled with chemicals that are harmful to your health and well-being. These chemicals can aggravate your allergies and also prove to be toxic for kids and pets. What you need is green wood floor cleaning, a process that makes use of organic and eco-friendly hardwood floor cleaning formulations. In Sherman Oaks, you can rely on Organic Carpet Cleaning to use green and organic hardwood floor cleaning methods.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Sherman Oaks

We Deep Clean Your Floor

The reason homeowners in Sherman Oaks love our hardwood floor cleaning service is we deep clean the floor using organic cleaning agents. These agents have been formulated by us, so you will not find them in any supermarket or store. Our green hardwood floor cleaners are formulated to gently yet thoroughly clean the floor by extracting ground-in dirt. Our proprietary hardwood floor cleaners do not leave behind residues or emit toxic fumes.

We genuinely care about the well-being and health of our customers. So we believe in using eco-friendly hardwood floor cleaning techniques that remove dirt, germs and dust from the floor, leaving it looking clean, shiny and fresh. Our unique and proprietary cleaning methods restores the aesthetic appeal of the floor and also gets rid of stubborn and old stains.

We Have State-of-the-Art Equipment and Tools

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, we are proud of our modern and high-tech hardwood floor cleaning equipment and tools. These tools and equipment makes it easy for our highly trained and experienced cleaning crew to remove all traces of dirt and dust without damaging the floor. You can rest assured knowing our powerful suction machine will not allow excess moisture or cleaning solution to stay on the floor. So, there is no worry about mold formation or residues.

The equipment and tools allow us to clean the flooring in your Sherman Oaks home with minimal disruption to your daily routine. While they allow us to finish the work quickly, the tools and equipment ensure the hardwood floor in cleaned thoroughly, reaching even corners and crevices, extracting hidden dirt that regular vacuuming and mopping cannot reach.

The Finishing Touch

After our cleaning technicians dry and clean the hardwood floor, they apply an organic protectant on the floor. This quick-dry coating restores luster and also extends the life of your flooring. The transparent coating protects the floor from spills and stains, and also prevents scuff marks and scratches.

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, we believe in educating our customers. So our technicians will give your DIY hardwood floor cleaning tips to make your life and maintenance easy. We also encourage our customers to call us and speak to our professional and knowledgeable support if they have doubts about how to clean the floor in their Sherman Oaks home.

If you want your hardwood floor to be lovingly and gently cleaned, don’t think twice about calling Organic Carpet Cleaning. We bring decades of experience in organic hardwood floor cleaning and know the tricks to thoroughly clean your floor without making use of harsh and toxic chemicals. Our cleaning methods are pet- and kid-safe and we even help you reduce your carbon footprint. Contact Organic Carpet Cleaning in Sherman Oaks today to enjoy a floor that is scratch- and scuff-free and looks and smells refreshingly clean.

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